Our Activities

1. Awareness Programme:

Since 2002 our organization ‘Bahumukhi Gramannayan Samity’ is keenly involved to arrange different pre & post awareness programme to reduce different antisocial activities like trafficking from our societies. To reduce different antisocial activities from the grass root of the society, B.G.S is used to arrange different awareness programme in different sector of our society like : GP level meeting, School level meeting, ICDS, SSK and MSK , market, C.B.O, Club, railway station, bus stand meeting to solve the multi faced problems of different remote areas of West Bengal. To reach the noble mission in an innovative way our target is to distribute the different IEC materials like hand bill, Poster, Banner and to use audio- visual display for the betterment of economically deprived and under privileged group of our society specially for poor women children and trafficked victims for their economic empowerment.

2. Investigation & verification

At first B.G.S. collect detailed investigation of minor girls from brothel and verify the address, age of the girls from time to time with the help of our field workers for whom missing complaints are received either from their parents or from different NGOs, which are very necessary before scheduling the rescue process.

3. Rescue

Our team rescue different major and minor girls after following the different trafficking zone and trafficker and getting relevant information. With the help of local police and administration our rescue team raids the brothel in late evening or night and also raids in any place after collecting information and rescues the trafficked women, girls and children who are willing to be rescued .This is a very risky operation.

4. Care and Protection

After rescuing the trafficked victims , B.G.S. transfers them in a protective place and provides them mental support and also provide them different training for mainstreaming them.

5. Health Care

Admission of rescued girls to the protective homes is the first step taken by the BGS., and then after Doctors’ examination we take them to hospital for 'Age Verification'. Girls who are suffering from any illness are provided proper consultation and medicines. Almost all girls suffer from 'sexually transmitted diseases'. Those who are suffering from HIV are given special consultation by the expert Doctors in HIV and it is arranged to provide them psycho-social counseling, rich food with fruits and milk so that they can revive themselves quickly.

6. Legal Aid

In every step of rescuing the trafficked women and children we have to adopt legal help against the traffickers and the antisocial associated with them from the lower court or the higher court. For proper punishments of the traffickers and antisocial legal help is necessary. We are generally used to provide legal aid to the trafficked victims for their protection.

7. Repatriation

Girls are repatriated either to their homes or to NGOs always accompanied by our staff members as escorts. Mainly after the legal procedures are over we contact either their families or the respective NGO (non-government organization) situated in the vicinity of their homes and repatriate the girls accompanied by our two staff members to either their homes or to source NGO. While repatriating we provide them with the day-to-day necessities of life so that they are not inconvenienced during the journey and immediately on reaching the destination. Girls that cannot be repatriated due to one reason or other are either absorbed by us or by source NGO or we find suitable jobs for them in Mumbai.

8. Medical Camps

This programme is designed to meet the objective of the grass-roots level villagers providing the primary health care needs and infrastructure. Under this programme charitable dispensary is being run, medicine provided to the poor patients, Eye, check-up organized, blood donation camps organized at the far-flung areas each year.

9. Ganga Sagar Mela

To create a pollution free environment and to from a constructive and organized society in every year B.G.S. arrange 5 days awareness programme in Gangasagar Mella of South 24 Pgs District. Gangasagar mela is one of such famous pilgrim or tirtha center where people from different country from different level gather under a common platform. It is found that Gangasagar is a religious center of the Hindu cultures. In Gangasagar the whole population is controlled by various beliefs and faiths of Hindu mythology, from this point of view in every year the target of B.G.S. is to distribute different IEC Materials like hand bill, banner, poster and if possible through use different audio visual aids in a very attractive way to aware mass community about Human trafficking in a same platform.

  • • 1. Distribution of IEC materials : Information Education & Communication Media for Public Awareness
    2. Ganga Sagar Mela- 5 days awareness programme in Gangasagar Mella of South 24 Pgs District
    3. School and ICDS awareness programme : Awareness of women in remote area and school students
    4. Beauty of Sundarbans : Keep the Sundarbans free from all types of pollutions
    5. Health Check up Programme : Arrange health check up and eye treatment camp for trafficked victims and for needy people.
    6. Relief camp: Arrange emergency relief camp during Aila and so many natural calamities.